Did You Know That We Communicate With Our Children Through Our Energy?

What If You Could Learn How to Do This Properly? What If You Could Learn:

  • To Recognize the Power That Your Energy Has
  • How To “Tune In” To Your Deeper, Instinctual Side To Know How To Handle Any Parenting Situation – Without Disempowering Your Child
  • How Your Energy Influences Your Child’s Behavior
  • How To Become More Highly Attuned To Your Child To Change the Relationship You Have With Them…Forever!
  • How Your “Past Generational Energy” is Getting In Your Way

Learn From the Energy of Parenting™ Coach, Ann-Michele Timmerman

You’ll be amazed and inspired by the simplicity of Ann-Michele’s Energy of Parenting™ techniques as she reveals to you how the key to the relationship between parent and child is…ENERGY.

By now you may have heard the expression, “Everything is Energy.”  What this means is that everything in our world vibrates at a certain energetic frequency. Even our bodies are subatomic particles of energy that are constantly buzzing away.

Your energy is constantly transmitting messages to your child. It’s what he or she feels, sees, hears and reacts to – in an empowering or disempowering way.

In fact, the energy that your child receives from you through your communication modes from pre-birth and onwards will determine how they view themselves, the world and the people in it. Energy is actually the “first language” that babies understand.

In a nutshell, your energy has the power to make or break the adult your child becomes. It really is that simple. The good news is that you can learn to influence your energy from someone who is a master at it.

Get Started Today

Ann-Michele’s unrivaled and highly specialized coaching will help you start on the path to creating happier, more empowered children who will turn into happier, more empowered adults.  To put more balance in you, your child and your family, why not sign up for her groundbreaking coaching today?


Ann-Michele Timmerman, BSW, CEG, is a rising leader in the field of parent coaching. As a highly gifted child intuitive known also as the “Child Communicator™,” she teaches parents how to both utilize their personal energy field effectively as well as work with their child’s innate human nature in order to raise a happy and empowered individual. Ann-Michele specializes in working with parents of children 10 years of age and under A total noob.


If you want a unique and absolutely brilliant approach to parenting, follow Ann-Michele. Her gentle yet direct approach will open your eyes and have you parenting in entirely new ways. She can see and understand what others miss – that children respond to our energy that subsequently travels through our words and actions.. Incorporating her wisdom, I am fostering the most creative and beautiful spirit in my own daughter. Thank you Ann-Michele!
–, Coach and Communications Consultant, Calgary, Alberta

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